Apple Health Settings & Sources

In the process of connecting your Apple Health app to your Walker Tracker app you will be prompted to edit the settings directly in your Apple Health App.

  1.   Open Apple Health on your iPhone.  The Health App icon is a white box with a red heart in it. It looks like this:


  1.   Click the sources button at the bottom menu of your Apple Health app.


  1.   Select ‘Walker Tracker’ from the list of ‘apps’.


  1.   Move the Toggle next to “Steps” to the on position. This will color the space in the toggle Green. If the toggle is already green you can leave it as is.


This  ‘Allows “Walker Tracker to access your steps, and only your steps, from your Health App.

Note: You will notice that there's red text at the top of the screen saying: "All Categories Off" but the Steps are toggled on, as indicated from the green color. Please disregard this red text. If pressed, the Red Text acts as a button that will turn off your toggle, as indicated by the slider moving to the left and turning grey. The red text will then display as a button to turn “All Categories On”.

In this case we’d like to keep the steps on, this is verified by the Steps showing as toggled “on” with the green color and the slider positioned to the right, as illustrated in the following screenshot:


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