My Jawbone is connected but not syncing

First check your settings:

I'd like you to check your Jawbone UP settings to make sure they match the ones in your Walker Tracker account. You should see 'steps and workouts' set to share. If not, please change this so that it matches. Also, at the bottom of your UP settings you should see HumanAPI as a partner app. That is the helper application that brings your steps from Jawbone to Walker Tracker.

If those look right you might have duplicate accounts that are keeping the info from coming over:

It is possible you had another Jawbone account from a previous challenge or device. Here is how you test if you have two accounts. Upload a new profile picture to your UP app on your phone. Check to see if your Jawbone UP app profile picture matches the one on your account in your computer's browser.

Here's the thing, information goes from your Jawbone band to the Jawbone UP app, from there it gets transferred to and then the information comes over to Walker Tracker. If your UP app and accounts are different the information hits a wall.

So you did the test and the photos didn't match:

Aha! Great, thanks for doing that test. Knowing that you have two accounts will help us get you up and running.

If your pictures do not match on your account in your web browser and your Jawbone UP app on your phone it means that you have two accounts!

Here's what I need you to do next:

There are two ways to fix this. We want both your Jawbone UP app and to be using the same account. That way your jawbone wristband will talk to your Jawbone UP app, which talks to, which talks to Walker Tracker. Phew, that is a whole lot of talking!

First method:
Make use the same account as the one you have on your phone
-- this means finding your login information for the account you're signed into on your phone, and logging into with that.
To do this: If you logout of your UP app, then click sign in again, it will remember the email address you were signed in with. Save that E-mail address and use it to log into on a web browser. This will connect the two accounts. 

Second method:
Log out of your Jawbone UP app, and log back in using the password/username combo you do know and used to login through the computer. 
This account will likely be empty of steps and with no device connected. In which case you'll want to connect your Jawbone wristband to this one.


Once you've done either of those steps, and and your Jawbone App are showing the same profile picture, you should be able to connect to Walker Tracker again. Go to your user preferences on your Walker Tracker home page, click the devices tab. If you're showing as "connected" please click the red 'disconnect' button first. Refresh or restart your browser to clear the cache. Then when you reconnect make sure you use the correct e-mail address and password combination, the one you took note of in the previous step. 


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