Apple HealthKit Not Syncing

Open your Walker Tracker app on your iOS (iPhone) device. If you do not see steps coming through to your Walker Tracker account from Health Kit it could be due to several things.

First, lets check that Walker Tracker has been authorized to pull steps from your Apple HealthKit app:

  • Toggle HealthKit off and back on again in your App settings
  • Click "authorize Health Kit" when prompted
  • Toggle steps to the on position, the green background should be showing and the toggle will be on the right
  • Click "allow" in the upper right corner of the screen
  • You should then see a message that your stats are loading. 
  • Once your stats have loaded the Heart icon (Apple HealthKit) will show the last sync date. 



If your steps still do not come through, please check that your program is between active dates and that you have allowed Walker Tracker as a source in HealthKit. 

If you still need help, please file a ticket here on our support site. 

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