Adding Entries For Past Dates For Wellness Metrics in Point-Based Challenges

If you've forgotten to enter Wellness Metrics for your Points based challenge, most programs will allow you to enter information from previous days by:

  1. Logging into your Walker Tracker web-browser based account (vs. our app)
  2. Click on the big green "Add an Entry" button, not the Edit button from within the date in question


     3. Click on the calendar and choose the date that you need to add the Wellness Metrics to:

    4. Click on the sub tab of the Wellness Metric you need to enter, and click the green "Record" button to save your entry for the day. You can also verify you're adding your Wellness Metrics on the correct day by consulting the date in the right hand corner, as highlighted in the screenshot.


      5. Optional: If you want to check that your points are appearing correctly, go back to "Your Stats" page, click on the drop down menu underneath your name, and choose "Your Points".  


      6. Optional: You can also view your points by clicking on the numerical value of your current point total on "Your Stats" page.

     7. Optional: Click on the sub-tab "Points Log" to see your point tallies for the last 30 days, and you can filter your search by a particular type of Wellness Metric like Water.  



If you notice that you're unable to follow the steps listed above, your program might not allow you to enter your Wellness Metrics after the fact.  If you're unsure, please email [email protected] for more help.  


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