How to Troubleshoot The Syncing Error Message: "Sorry... we were not able to pull in any data from your device..."

Do you have a device, like a Fitbit or Garmin, that was syncing to Walker Tracker but stopped? If you've tried re-syncing through our web-browser based site and see a message displaying that there was a syncing error: 

You can troubleshoot this by logging into your device's account page and then: 

Do you see your steps from your device appearing correctly on your device's account?

If No:

If you're not seeing your device's steps correctly appearing on your device's account, try syncing your device to your device's account. See if the step value updates. If your step value updates, then try re-syncing to Walker Tracker.  As a note, syncing to Walker Tracker can take as much as 20 minutes.  

If your device does not update, confirm if your device requires that Bluetooth be turned on in order to sync with it's account (and if it does make sure that Bluetooth is on and working properly).  Make sure any device apps are also up to date.  If your device still does not sync to your device's account you may have an issue with your device itself.  Please contact your device's manufacturer for assistance if you suspect an issue with the device itself.  


If Yes: 

Skip to the permissions error below.  


• Permissions Error:

If your steps are displaying correctly on your device, but they are not syncing to Walker Tracker, then you may have an error with the permission that Walker Tracker has to access your device's step data.  This can be corrected by disconnecting and reconnecting your device.


To Disconnect Your Device from Walker Tracker:


  • Log into your web-browser based Walker Tracker account (vs. our app)
  • Click on your username
  • Click on the sub-tab "Devices"
  • Click on the red button that says "Disconnect Device"


  • The page should refresh to the connection menu

To Re-Connect Your Device to Walker Tracker:

  • Log into your Walker Tracker account (if you haven't already)
  • Click on the sub-tab "Devices" from your web-browser based Walker Tracker account (if you're not at that page already from the above directions)
  • Click on "Wireless Devices"
  • Click "Connect Activity Tracker"
  • Click "Choose Source"
  • Click your device and log into your device's account
  • Be sure to leave "Activity and Exercise" checked as that's the permission for Walker Tracker to import (sync) your steps from your device to Walker Tracker
  • Click "Allow"


  • Re-Sync to Walker Tracker

If none of these steps allow you to sync your steps to Walker Tracker again please contact for further help.  





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