Why are there differences in steps between pedometers?

If you have two pedometer apps on your phone, like the Moves app and a Google Fit, Though they are on the same phone, they may track steps differently. Moves relies heavily on GPS and, as a default, does not begin counting steps unless you have been moving for a certain period of time. Google Fit can relies on GPS as well as location services. Each app tracks your steps differently and this can result in differences in tracking. 

If you have questions on how an app tracks steps, visit their FAQ or help section either through the app or online. There may be settings you will want to alter so that it better captures your movement. 

Walker Tracker does not oversee or have control on how these apps work, so you will need to choose one that works best for you. If you have any questions about how your apps are syncing to Walker Tracker, contact support@walkertracker.com and explain the situation and what apps you are trying to use.

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