Can I use multiple devices/apps to track my steps?

Walker Tracker does not support connecting more than one device or app to your account at once. The reason for this is because it would be very difficult to prevent "double counting" of your steps, meaning an overage of steps.  So, if you use multiple devices throughout your day or need to switch devices/apps, what can you do?  Here are some ideas:

"I use one device/app for walking and another for my workouts":

Some Walker Tracker programs allow activity conversion, though not all. You will have to check within your program and possibly with your program's admin to see if this is an option. If this is not an option, you will have to rely on the pedometer that tracks your walking, as that is the only metric being counted in your program. If you are able to convert activities, you can do so within the Walker Tracker app or online. How to Convert Activities to Steps

"I use one device/app for a part of my day and then switch to another":

If you are using a Fitbit, you may have one device for day wear and one for your workouts. As long as you have both devices connected to one Fitbit account, you are welcome to switch between the two throughout the day. We will only receive one step total for you from Fitbit at the end of the day.  

If you are using a different device other than a Fitbit or using a wireless device and an app, you will need to choose which one best represents your activity throughout the day. You will want to connect the device or app that you feel accounts for the majority of your activity to your Walker Tracker account.

Some programs allow you to use manual step entry. If that's the case, it might be in your favor to disconnect your device/app, add together each device's total at the end of the day, and then manually enter your step total, again, only if your program allows this.    

"I forgot to wear my wireless device but I also use one of your supported apps.":  

If you forget to wear your device but you have another app or device that also tracks your steps, you can disconnect your current device and attach the one you still had on you. You will want to do this for the current day that you forgot to wear your device.

Have questions about any of the info here or have something that we haven't covered?  Please feel free to reach out to our support team!

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