How do I sync my weight and sleep automatically?

If your program has turned on the wellness metrics feature for Sleep or Weight you can have that information sync directly from your device provider to Walker Tracker. 

Devices that sync sleep:

  • Fitbit

Devices that sync weight:

  • Fitbit

To turn on automatic syncing for your device you'll need to check your provider page settings to ensure you allow sleep and weight to be shared with our third party data consolidator. Next you'll log into your Walker Tracker account and go to your device's page. There you'll see Device Connected and the option to turn on syncing for sleep or weight. 

Select the check box next to the metric that your device can share data for. 

Your data will automatically populate your wellness metric Sleep or Weight category each time you sync.

Note: Once you have made this connection you will no longer be able to manually enter weight or sleep. If you'd like to manually enter you can return to your device page in your settings and uncheck the box pulling data for that metric. 

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