Register and Connect a Wireless Device Such As a Fitbit, Misfit, Withings or Garmin


Connect any wireless device we pair with to your walker tracker account and your steps will sync auto-maGiCally!

  1. Register Your Device on its Provider’s site/app if applicable.
    Please make sure your privacy settings at the device’s website allow others to view your steps.
  2. Go to your preferences in Walker Tracker
    - Click on your username in the upper right corner next to the envelope.  This brings you to your preferences panel.
    - Click the sub-heading.
  3. Click Connect
    - If you have a Garmin, Misfit or another wireless device, click the ‘Connect’ button next to ‘Wireless Devices’.
    - Then click ‘Connect Activity .
  4. Click Your Device’s Logo
    - You will be taken to our API provider’s site. Click ‘Choose Source’. A pop-up window will prompt you to enter your log-in credentials for your device’s site. This is the email/username and password you would use to sign into your device’s app or online account.
    - If prompted, make sure to agree to the permissions screen so that we can access your steps.
  5. Sync Regularly
    - Make sure that you sync to your device’s app/website regularly.
    - Once your steps are uploaded they will arrive in your Walker Tracker account. Enjoy!

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