Link Your Tracking Device or Application to Walker Tracker

      Walker Tracker works with many different providers who offer either wearable devices or applications that use your smart phone's built in sensors to track steps. 

      Link any wireless device we pair with to your Walker Tracker account and your steps will be brought over to help you in your challenge(s)!

      1) Register Your Device on its Provider’s site/app if applicable. 

      IMPORTANT: for devices like Fitbit and Garmin among others, your device and steps must be showing on your website account and not just on the device's mobile app. For example, if you use a Fitbit your steps must be synced to before Walker Tracker can receive them.

      Also, please make sure your privacy settings at the device’s website allow others to view your steps. 

      2) Login to your Walker Tracker account online

      - Click the Connect a Device box on the dashboard    


      3) Choose the Activity Trackers Option by clicking the Connect button

      4) Click the Connect Activity Tracker button

      5) Click Choose Source

      6) Click the appropriate box for the device or application you are connecting with Walker Tracker

      7) Login with the credentials you use to access your account for that device or application and agree to share the information with Walker Tracker/Human API when prompted.

      If the pairing is successful, a screen will appear, letting you know that your device or application is connected.

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