Activate or Deactivate Apple Health

Activating Apple Health

  1. To pair your iPhone Apple Health app to the Walker Tracker app, download the Walker Tracker app first. You can find our app here
  2. Once you have downloaded the Walker Tracker app and logged in, you will see the option to toggle Apple Health on. Take a look below:


  3. Once, you've toggled the option on, connect to Healthkit:

  4. Allow steps and then steps from the current day and subsequent days will begin to populate your Walker Tracker account.


Only steps from the time of activation and forward will upload to Walker Tracker. Steps recorded on previous days will NOT be available.

Deactivating Apple Health

  1. To deactivate Apple Health, click the More menu option in the lower right corner of the Walker Tracker app as show below:


  2. This menu will appear, where you will toggle off the Sync Using Apple Health option


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