Make A Manual Entry (Android)

Manual step entry is only available if your program coordinator allows manual entry and you don’t have a device or application paired with your account. Activity Log

  1. Click, 'Activity Log' from the app dashboard.
  2. Choose The Date
    Click on the date to adjust the step count for the day you would like. Click the + to make a new entry.
  3. Enter Your Steps
    Enter in the amount of steps below the words, “Steps Taken”. When you are done feel free to add an optional note or photo! Make sure to click save when you are done editing your entry. 
  4. Done!
    If you go back to your activity log, you will see that your manual entry of steps have been adjusted!

Optional: Add Wellness Metrics

Update any of the wellness metrics turned on in your portal by adding their values below the steps you just entered. 

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