Does Walker Tracker link to Samsung Watches?

Unfortunately, we are unable to connect directly to Samsung Health at this time. However, Samsung has recently made integration available to a larger group of providers, and Walker Tracker is excited that we will be able to offer the option in the future!

If you would still like to use your Samsung watch to track steps there are a couple of workarounds.

1) Manually enter your steps in Walker Tracker

If your program allows for manual entry of steps rather than requiring auto-synchronization, you can use the following instructions to make a manual entry in Walker Tracker at the end of each day based on the step counts you see in Samsung Health

Manual Entry - Walker Tracker for Android

Manual Entry - Walker Tracker on the web

2) Pair Google Fit with Walker Tracker

If your Samsung device is already sending steps to the Samsung Health app successfully on your mobile phone, there is a third party app that may be able to help move those steps into Google Fit which is compatible with Walker Tracker.

It appears that you can sync your Samsung Health application data with Google Fit, using the Health Sync app from this link Health Sync***

Once Google Fit is receiving steps from Samsung Health via Health Sync, use these instructions to connect Google Fit to Walker Tracker Connect Google Fit to Walker Tracker

The flow of steps would go like this:

Samsung device -to- Samsung Health - to- Health Sync - to- Google Fit - to- Walker Tracker

We know it's a lot of jumps and you'll need to make sure that you are periodically opening each app so that the information can flow through, but it is a potential solution to allow your Samsung Device to serve as your tracking device and eliminate the need for manual entry.

***We are not aware if the Health Sync app requires a subscription fee for its use.

3) Use your phone as the tracking device

If neither solution 1 or 2 will work for your current situation, you may be able to use your phone as the tracking device instead of your watch. 

Here is the complete list of devices and applications currently compatible with Walker Tracker. Which Devices and Apps Can Link to Walker Tracker?

There are several Android compatible apps that are capable of using the phone's built in sensors to track steps while you carry your phone.

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