Make a Step and Wellness Entry (Android)

  You can follow this guide to make entries on the Android app.

  1. Open a New Entry
    Click on the plus sign to add steps or activities.

    NOTE: If you have a device attached you cannot add steps manually but you can still convert activities from the app (varies program to program).
  2. Select The Date
    Select the date you would like to make your step entry for by clicking on the arrow.
  3. Add Note/Photo
    Add a note and/or photo of your walk or activity for that day.
  4. Enter Your Steps
    Enter the amount of steps you need to record.
  5. Privacy
    Edit who you’d like to see this post. This can be Private, Friends Only, or Public. 
  6. Convert Activities
    You can convert activities from the same screen where you add your steps. Select from the drop down, the activity you’d like to convert and the duration you performed the activity. Below, you will see what that activity converts to in steps. Click on Save.
  7. Save
    Click on save if you are done.

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