Syncing With Google Fit (Android)

Make sure to first download the Walker Tracker app here from your Google Play store and then Google Fit here

Then check out our guide at the bottom of this page on how to connect the two! 

Once you have the two connected, make sure to open your Walker Tracker account in the Walker Tracker app at least once a day to get your steps from Google Fit into your Walker Tracker account. 

Visit our forum on how to use the Walker Tracker Android app here

  1. Sign Into Google Fit
    Sign into your Google Fit app and click on Settings. Then check which email you have connected your Google Fit account to.
  2. Sign Into Walker Tracker
    Sign into your Walker Tracker account in the Walker Tracker app. You will now see an option to switch Google Fit “On” by sliding the button to the right. 
  3. Enable Google Fit
    You will be asked to enable Google Fit to sync with your Walker Tracker account.
  4. Select Your Email Address
    Make sure to select the email address that your Google Fit is tied to. You checked this in the first step.
  5. Enable Google Fit
    Finally, click Allow, so that Walker Tracker can view your activity information in Google Fit.

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