Syncing With Google Fit (Android)

Make sure to first download the Walker Tracker app here from your Google Play store and then Google Fit here

Connecting Google Fit to your Walker Tracker account:

  1. Sign Into Google Fit
    Sign into your Google Fit app and click on Settings. Then check which email you have connected your Google Fit account to.
  2. Confirm that your Google account is receiving steps from your phone

    Go to and login to your account using the same email address from step #1 above.  You should see the steps matching what is showing in the Google Fit app on your phone. Walker Tracker receives steps from the fit website and not directly from your phone, so they must be showing there.

  3. Sign Into Walker Tracker and Go To Settings
    Sign into your Walker Tracker account in the Walker Tracker app. Click the hamburger menu in the upper left corner. Scroll down and click, "Settings / Support".
  4. Add / Manage Devices
    Click Add/ Manage Devices
  5. Connect to Google Fit
    Click here to connect
  6. Enable Google Fit
    You will be asked to enable Google Fit to sync with your Walker Tracker account
  7. Select Your Email Address
    Make sure to select the email address that your Google Fit is tied to. You checked this in the first step.
  8. Done!
    You will see that you're connected to Google Fit, below "My Activity".

What should I do if the steps won't come over to Walker Tracker from Google Fit?

  • Login to your Google account at to make sure steps are showing.  Walker Tracker only receives steps once they are showing online and not just on the Google Fit mobile phone app.
  • Check for and apply updates for both Walker Tracker and Google Fit in the Google Play store.

If everything is up to date and steps will still not import try the steps below. In between each step, open the Walker Tracker app, click the "hamburger" icon in the upper left hand corner of the screen and then click My Activity to try forcing Google Fit to send Walker Tracker steps. 

  • Log out of the Walker Tracker and Google Fit apps and then log back in to them.
  • Restart your phone.
  • As a last resort, uninstall the Walker Tracker app and then reinstall it.

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