Claim a Rest Day

Some programs that use the points system allow you to claim (a) rest day(s) during the week.  A rest day is a day that you did not complete your step goal.  By claiming a rest day you get the 25 points that you would have gotten had you reached your step goal.   As a note, you cannot claim a rest day on a day that's not completed yet.  To claim a rest day:

  1. Log into your web-browser based Walker Tracker account (vs. our app)
  2. You'll see a gray button saying "Claim a Rest Day" underneath the green "Add an Entry" button on the 'Your Stats' page
  3. You'll see in the example that you cannot claim a day in progress.  This example has a daily step goal of 8,000, so I can claim any day that I did not make that goal.  In this example, 11/8 is claimable since there's a "Redeem" button available. 
  4. Click "Redeem" on the day you wish to claim as your Rest Day for the week.

If you wish to check that your Rest Day was indeed claimed, you can look in 2 locations:

• If you click on the "Claim Your Rest Day" button again you'll see a message saying that you've claimed a Rest Day.

• If you click on your Points total on Your Stats page you can then see your Points Tally and Points Log the record of the 25 points added.  In the Points Tally it'll be in your "Free Day" & it'll be reflected as "Free Day" on the day you claimed on your Log

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