Using the News Feed

Your news feed is a place where you can see the ongoing progress others are making in your challenge and interact with them.  Encouraging each other will help you both do better in this challenge. You can access it through the News Feed tab.

At the top of your news feed, you will see if you have any unanswered questions, which you can answer for points in a wellness challenge or to give your administrator important information, such as your location in the organization or t-shirt size if they are doing a giveaway.

Below that, you can select whether your news feed will show you information from everyone in your program, only your friends, or just photos. 
In your feed, you will see usernames with the steps, activities, distance, and journal entries for a given date. Wellness metrics like weight or sleep will never be visible to others. 

When making an entry, you can select whether an Entry will be visible to Everyone, Only your Friends, or yourself. 

You can comment on their entry and add them as a friend if they aren’t already. 

In the comment, if you want to tag someone, type @ followed by their username.

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