Stay Connected With Walker Tracker


If you know your friends' username, name, or email address, you can find them by using the search bar in the mobile app Groups section or at the top right of the website. To browse for friends on the site, you can use the "news feed" section to see who is logging steps. Click on “Add as Friend.” 



Add a picture and note to your daily step entry. On the mobile app, click on the shoe icon. Click on “Add an Entry” and click on “Upload a Photo” on the website. Add a note about your day in the text box. Click to “Add Entry” or “Update Entry” when you're ready. 

ENCOURAGE OTHERS Comment on a friend’s entry or the challenge discussion board. If you want to tag someone, type @ followed by their username in the comment. Encourage others, share tips, and let them know you are all on the wellness journey together.

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