Create a Challenge and Invite Members (Mobile)

You can create a challenge to engage fellow members over a period of your choice. You can use one of our available maps or go for a chart based challenge. You can do this through our mobile app as well as our browser interface.

Note: User created challenges are not available in all programs. Check with your program administrator to see if this is available in your program.

To create a challenge :

  1. Select the Trophy icon to open the Challenges tab.
  2. Select Create
  3. Choose a map from our available options. Each will have a path and milestones which create a challenge 
  4. Enter a Name for the challenge, a Description of the Challenge, a Start Date for the Challenge, and a Duration. We recommend 14 days or a similar length, as it keeps members consistently engaged throughout the challenge.
  5. Choose a Daily Step Goal. This will be the daily average which members need to meet in order to reach the end of the challenge map. If converted activities are available in your program, you can select to make them available in this challenge.
  6. Confirm and Create your Challenge
  7. Enter the name of each friend you want to invite and highlight the Invite option next to their name.
  8. Your challenge should now be available to join.

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