My Steps are Not Syncing Correctly

If you aren't able to connect your device properly, or if you've connected but aren't showing the correct step counts, there may be a configuration issue blocking your proper connection. These can usually be fixed with the right troubleshooting steps.

If you'd like personal help with the issue, please reach out to and a technician can help with your syncing issue. To troubleshoot on your own, please try the following steps:

Check your Device Function

First, make sure everything is working correctly with your device. Check that the device is properly charged and steps are reaching whatever step app you are tracking from. If you are connecting a device as a data source for Google Fit or Apple Health, make sure your steps are reaching that app and, if they aren't, check the support for your device to figure out how to configure that.

Check your Account

If you are using Fitbit, Garmin, or Polar, then Walker Tracker syncs directly to your account. Make sure that your device is syncing to your account so that Walker Tracker has data to pull.

Check the account for your device, which will be on,, or

Make sure to check on a web browser and not a mobile app, as you want to make sure that your steps are reaching your account from your app. If you check your account and steps are not showing up on that account, then that is the reason why steps are not reaching Walker Tracker. Follow the support instructions provided by your device provider to connect your device to your account.

Reset Permissions

If steps are showing up correctly in your account, or if you are using an app we sync to directly like Apple Health or Google Fit, then the next thing you should check is whether your app is providing the proper permissions to Walker Tracker.

You need to provide Walker Tracker access to your device, activity, and health data when asked. To reset your permissions:

  1.     Disconnect your Device from Walker Tracker.
  2.     Uninstall your Walker Tracker App.
  3.     Reboot your mobile device.
  4.     Reinstall your Walker Tracker App.
  5.     Reconnect your app to Walker Tracker.

You should be asked to accept permissions for Walker Tracker. Please grant all necessary permissions.

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