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  • Steps

      • How do I add steps from previous days?

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        If your program allows manual entry and you do not have a device connected:
        Go to "Your Stats" tab, click the “Add An Entry” button. Select the date field, which brings up a calendar widget. Pick the day you want to enter steps and click “Add Entry.”

        If you have a device already connected to your profile you will not be able to manually enter steps from previous days. 

      • Can I add steps from before my registration date?

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        No. We do not bring in steps prior to your registration date. This is why it is important to register before a competition begins.

      • How do I set or change my step goal?

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        You probably set your step goal during the registration process. If you didn't set it, or if you want to change it, click on your username in the top right-hand corner of the web page, and go to the "Step Settings" tab. Enter your new step goal.

        Some programs already have a default step goal that cannot be changed. This step goal was determined by your program administrator to fit the challenge design.

        Note about step goals: The Surgeon General suggests taking 10,000 steps a day for good cardiovascular health. For some people, however, this might be too high of a goal right out of the gate. We suggest setting a realistic step goal and then working to achieve that goal. You can always raise your goal once you've consistently achieved what you've set out to do. It's better to get up and start walking and to develop good exercise habits than it is to get discouraged along the way.

      • How do I convert other activities (swimming, running, pilates, etc) to step data?

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        If the activity converter is turned on in your program you can convert other activities to steps.

        Go to "Your Stats" tab, click "Add an Entry," then click the "Activity Converter" line below the comment field.

        We use a federal conversion chart to do these calculations, but conversion is an imprecise science. Your program administrator has the ability to set the activity converter to include certain activities. If you feel an activity should be included that is not, please contact your program administrator.

        Note: Not all competitions count converted activities. Check with your program administrator to ask if they are planning on including these.

  • Challenges

      • How do I create a competition?

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        Go to the “Competitions” tab, and choose the “Create a Competition” button on the right side of the screen. You can choose who you want to invite, and what kind of competition it will be, during the easy setup process.

        Note: Your program administrator may have opted to turn off the ability for participants to create their own competitions. If that is the case you will not see the 'create a competition button' under the competitions tab.

      • How do I invite people to participate in a competition?

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        Only the creator of the competition can invite users. If you are the creator of the competition, go into your competition’s page and click the “Actions” button on the far right of the page. Choose “Invite More Competitors,” and follow the steps on the form.

      • What are the differences between public, open and private competitions?

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        A public competition is viewable to everyone in your program. Public competitions can be invite only (where you specifically invite individuals/teams) or 'open.'

        An open competition is an option of public competitions. If a competition is open, anyone may join it provided the competition hasn't yet started.

        A private competition is viewable ONLY by the people who have been invited.

      • When are competitions finished?

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        Competitions end at 11:59pm PST of the end date of the competition.

        When a competition ends we wait 48 hours to tally the winners to allow everyone to enter in their steps and pedometers to catch up and bring in steps. This means that if your competition ends on a Friday, the automated tally of winners will not happen until Monday morning. Try to keep your steps synced and get your manual entries in as soon as possible when nearing the end of the competition. NOTE: Only steps that are reported for the dates of the challenge, will count towards your progress in the challenge.

      • What's the difference between a team competition and an individual competition?

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        Individual competitions are between individuals.

        Team competitions are between teams. In order to start a team competition, you have to be the owner of a team.

        Team competitions and individual competitions are updated in real time on the site. So after you add a step entry you can check out your progression in the challenge.

        Note: In some programs you can be in more than one competition at a time, which means it's possible to join a team competition and an individual competition. Don't worry: Your steps will count in both challenges!

      • How do I forfeit a competition?

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        Go into your competition’s page and click the “Actions” button on the far right of the page. Choose “Forfeit,” and you will be removed from the competition.

        Note: You may forfeit until 1/3 of the time period of the competition has passed. After that point, you can no longer forfeit.

      • Pacer icon and pacer bar

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        The Pacer icon abides by the daily step goal that you have set forth for a challenge and shows walkers where they should be in order to finish the challenge in time.

        There is also a pacer bar that shows at the top of the leaderboard.

  • Teams

      • What is a team?

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        Teams are groups of people set either by your program administrator or created by members on the site. In most cases, teams challenge each other's results in a team competition.

        There are three types of teams:
        1) Public, anyone can join - all users in your program can view and join this team type.
        2) Public, invite only - all users in your program can view this team, but you must be invited by a team leader to join.
        3) Private, invite only - this team type can only be viewed by its members. It won't come up in team searches unless you've been invited.

      • I can't find a team I know exists!

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        It's likely a private, invite-only team. You will need to be invited by one of the team leaders/owner of that team.

        If you believe this team should be public, contact that team's leader or your program administrator.

      • How are team statistics calculated?

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        Statistics for teams are calculated in real time. Every time you add a step entry you can refresh your page and check out your team's stats.

      • What happens if one of my team members stops walking?

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        Every member of your team is important, and the best way to keep fit is to make yourself (and your teammates) accountable to your social group. Try organizing lunchtime walks, or weekly challenges between just the members of your team. Support each other in achieving your goals. Be good teammates! It'll keep everybody more motivated.

        If the team is not in a competition: Members who are not making step entries will not impact the team on the team stats page.

        If the team is in a competition: Since competitions count the team average, a team with members who are not participating will see their average pulled down by the non-participating team member. If this person updates their steps at a later time the team average will go up again.

      • How do I upload a team photo?

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        Only team leaders can upload a team icon photo. If you're not a team leader, contact your team captain/leader.

        If you're the team leader you can go to your team's dashboard in the "Teams" tab and click "Change Photo" on the icon image on the right side of the page.

  • Preferences / Privacy Etc...

      • How do I change my username?

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        We discourage the changing of usernames -- it can confuse your fellow walkers on the site (who is this?) and usernames allow you a unique location for your profile.

        If you would really like to change your username you can do so once. Go to your preferences by clicking your username in the upper right corner of the screen.

        Click the link labeled 'change your username' just above your username on the first page. Make sure to click "Save Settings" when you are done.

        Need more answers? Go to

      • How do I change or upload a profile picture?

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        Access your settings by clicking on your username in the upper right-hand corner of the screen. On the left side of the menu, your current profile image is displayed. If you haven’t uploaded a profile picture, the default avatar will display. Click the “Change Picture” bar at the bottom of the photo to go to the picture uploader. Browse for the picture you want, press upload, and click / drag the frame to define the image area. That’s it! You’re done!

      • How do I alter my privacy settings?

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        There are a number of privacy options to choose from in your preferences. To get to your preferences page, click on your username at the top right of the screen.

  • Friends, etc.

      • How do I find friends?

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        If you know your friends' username, name or email address, you can find them by using the "search" feature next to your username in the top right hand corner of the page.

        To browse for friends on the site, you can use the "news feed" tab to see who is logging steps, click on their user icon and add them as a friend. You can also do this in competitions by clicking on their icon on the map or chart.

      • How do I add friends?

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        Click on the image or the name of the person you want to add as a friend. You will go to that person's profile page. Now click 'Add as Friend' under their profile picture. The person will be notified that you have requested their friendship.

        When you add someone as a friend, you are essentially asking to 'follow' that person by being able to view what data they are making available to the others, and to be able to compare stats to that person. They can choose to add you back as a friend or not, which grants you more permissions.

      • How do I remove friends?

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        You can 'unfriend' another walker by clicking on the "friends" tab and hovering over that friend's picture. This will bring up an arrow on the top right corner of their image, click this and choose "Remove as Friend".

      • What kind of information can my friends see?

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        You can choose what kind of information your friends see. They will always be able to see how many steps you’ve taken. This is a walking competition, after all!

        When you write a blog post, you can choose who sees it by clicking the “Who Sees This” link at the bottom of the posting form. You can choose to have everybody see the post, to have only you see the post, or to have only your friends see it.

        You can set your privacy level by going to the top right of the web page, clicking on your user name, then clicking through to the Privacy tab and choosing your settings.

      • What kind of information can non-friends see?

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        Everybody on the site can see the number of steps you've entered, and can see your position in the competition, as well as your comparative step data. This is a step competition, after all!

        When you write a blog post, you can choose who sees it by clicking the 'Who Sees This' link at the bottom of the posting form. You can choose to have everybody see the post, to have only you see the post, or to have only people you've designated as friends see it.

        You can set your privacy level by going to the top right of the web page, clicking on your user name, then clicking through to the Privacy tab and choosing your settings.

      • How do I send a message to a friend?

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        There are two ways to send messages to friends:

        1) Click on the upper right corner of their profile picture, and choose the "Send Message" option.

        2) Go to the message symbol at the top right of your web page and to manually enter their username in the "To" field of the message form. You must enter their username, not their complete real name, for the message to be sent.

  • News Feed/ Journal entries

      • How do I edit my journal entries?

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        Go to the day you want to edit, and look at the bottom right of that day's entry. There's a small pencil icon next to the "comment" button. Click on the pencil, and you'll be able to edit your entry.

      • How do I upload or change a step blog image?

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        To Upload an Image: When you're adding a step entry, click on the far left box, the one that says "upload an image." An image uploader will open. Choose the image you want, and press "Open." Then press "Add Entry." The photo is uploaded.

        To Change an Image: Click the "Edit" symbol in your blog entry. The "Add Entry" form will open. Click on the image in the far left of the form. An image uploader will open. Choose the name of the image you want, and press "Open." Then press "Edit Entry." The photo has been changed.

  • Pedometers

      • How do I use my pedometer?

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        Pedometers are usually worn on the wrist like a watch or clipped to your shoe or waistline. When worn, they measure your steps based on your movement patterns. Additionally, most smart phones contain internal pedometers that can give to an app.

        While they share basic functionality, different manufacturers design pedometers and apps differently.Your pedometer probably came with an instruction manual, and while nobody loves to read instruction manuals, it probably has most of the information you're looking for.

      • I have a wireless pedometer and my steps are not updating, why?

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        First, make sure that you have paired your device and synced the steps recorded to the device providers app or website. For example, if you have a Fitbit, connect your device to a Fitbit account.

        After you have verified that you are connected to your device provider's service and that provider is receiving steps, go to "Your Stats" tab within Walker Tracker and click the "re-sync" button below the picture of your device. This should bring in the last few days worth of steps for you.

        Forcing a re-sync may not work after you recently connected your device, recently registered it, or your program has yet to begin. In these cases, try again in a few days. If that does not work, please contact

        If you need more information read the PDF guide for devices to the right of this screen or go to

  • Misc

      • What browsers do you support?

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        Browsers we support are:
        Firefox 2.0 +
        IE 11.0 + *
        Opera 9.0+
        Safari 5+
        Google Chrome
        * Microsoft only supports IE11 at this time.

      • Cheating, exaggerating, etc

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        Competitions rely on everyone being honest when entering steps. If you feel someone wasn't honest, please address that with that competitor. In the long run it's just moving, and if their cheating got you to walk a few extra steps, then Hooray! You're the real winner!

      • Where can I view my question answers?

        You can view the questions they have already answered by clicking on your username in your profile (top right box on the "Your Stats" page) and then select "Your Questions."

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