Team Leader Overview

Team leaders are individuals on a team positioned as representatives of the team as a whole.

The purpose of a team leader is to encourage other members as well as handle the team's basic settings and organization.

Team leaders are assigned automatically when the team is created, and can be reassigned by your program administrator or by Walker Tracker support.

What Team Leaders Can Do

Change the team’s name once.

Change the team picture.

Choose whether the team is public or private. Note: The program administrator may disable this option.

Invite members to join the team.

Delete the team

What Team Leaders Cannot Do

Remove members from the team.

Change account settings for other team members.

Team Leader View

When you access your team's page through a web browser as a team leader, you will have additional options.

To change the team’s image, click on the Change Photo in the top right corner of the image.

If you click the Settings option next to the team name, you can access options to change the team’s name, select whether the team is open to join or invite only, invite other members, or shut down the team.

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