Cheating and Dishonesty

Because challenges rely on personal activity and reporting, it is possible for users to exaggerate or misrepresent their steps. In practice, however, we see very little activity of this type.

Users can vary wildly in their activity level. What seems unreasonable to a casual walker may be routine for a highly active marathon runner. Before concluding that a member is cheating, please consider that there is a wide variety of participants who have different regular levels.

Also, please remember that wellness programs are first and foremost about self-awareness and self-improvement. Your own progress and improvement will always be more important than topping a chart, and its something you can control.

If you still feel like dishonesty is happening in your program, please reach out to your administrator. In our programs, it falls on the admin to approach those who may be exaggerating steps. Our program relies on honesty. Everyone is an adult, should know the importance of honesty, and recognize that by cheating, really they are cheating themselves out of health, others out of opportunity, and being an all-around poor sport. If you know who the admin is for your program at your company I would highly recommend sharing your concerns with them. They are the ones who can take action.

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