Getting Started on Android

If you would like to start using Walker Tracker with your Android phone, you can follow this guide to get set up and moving.

  1. Download Walker Tracker
  2. Go to your Play Store on your device and search for “Walker Tracker”. You may need to scroll down to find the app. Click on Install and agree to any access the app needs.

  3. Register an Account
  4. NOTE: If you’ve already created an account, instead log in and proceed to the next step.

    Open the Walker Tracker app and click “Don’t have an account? Create One Here”

    You'll then be prompted to enter your program domain. For example, if your program URL is  "," enter "program" or 

     If you don’t know this, check the invitation you received or ask your local admin.

    On the next screen, enter a name, unique email, username, and password. You may be asked to choose an organization and team, depending on your program. Answer any other questions, agree to the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, and then click Register.

  5. Upload a Profile Photo
  6. Add a profile photo to your account so that others can recognize you. Tap on the Gear icon to open your settings, and tap Edit Image to select an image from your camera or photo library.

  7. Choose a Step Tracking Option
  8. Once you’re in your account, you can choose a method for tracking your steps. You can connect a device or app to automatically sync your steps to your account by following this guide:

    Connect a Device or App on Android

    If you would rather enter steps manually, you can do so as long as you have no device or app connected to your account.

    NOTE: Manual step entry is not available in all programs. Check with your program admin for information on whether this option is available.

  9. Create a Daily Entry
  10. You can make journal entries through the Android app to add steps, activities, and wellness information and also to add text entries and a photo to a specific date. The options you have to enter will depend on what metrics your program is tracking and what options are available. 

    Make a Manual Entry on Android

    If you are in a Points challenge, you will earn points by entering wellness metrics through these entries. You can enter steps if you have no device connected and your program allows for manual step entry.

  11. Add Friends
  12. Adding Friends allows you to engage with other users in the social features of Walker Tracker. To add friends through the Android app, tap the icon depicting two people to open your social options. Enter the username or name of the person you want to add and click Add Friend.

    Add a Friend on Android

  13. Join a Challenge
  14. If you didn’t join a challenge at registration, you can do so by consulting the below guides. If you are joining a team challenge, you will do so by joining a team associated with that challenge. Check with your program admin to determine how your challenges are being organized and when they will be available to join.

    How to Join a Challenge on Android
    Join or Leave a Team on Android

    To join a team through the Android app, tap the icon depicting two people to open your social options. Select the team tab. Enter the name of the name of the team you want to join. Tap on the name of the team to open its page. Tap on Join Team near the top of the page.

    Remember that every challenge has a date range which determines which days the challenge will count. It’s okay if you have entries before the challenge, they won’t alter your total steps for the challenge.

  15. Get Moving, View your Progress, and Share Your Progress
  16. When you’re familiar with making entries and are part of a challenge, you can start focusing on the main purpose of the challenge: Being active! Spend some days walking, sharing trail photos, and entering your activities. When you have built up some data, you can then check your dashboard to see a chart of progress over time.

    You can access a challenge page by swiping right and selecting the Challenge tab, you can see a leaderboard showing yourself and a selection of other competitors from across different activity levels of the challenge.If you are part of a Team, you can access your Team’s page by swiping right and selecting the Teams tab. Select your team name to view the progress of your team’s average and leave comments encouraging your teammates.

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