Edit a Step or Wellness Entry (iPhone)

Edit a Step or Wellness Entry on iPhone

After making a step or wellness entry, you can edit it if you need to make or delete incorrect entries.

You can edit steps manually if you do not have a device connected to your account. Otherwise, the step field will populate automatically and you will not be able to edit it. 

You can make a manual entry on the iPhone App by following steps based on your interface.

  1. From your dashboard, click on the teal “+Steps” icon.
  2. Select the date of the entry you want to edit.
  3. To delete one of your entry categories, swipe left on that metric and select the Delete button.
  4. To edit an entry, click the button for that entry type at the bottom of the app. Then, change the number for that metric.
  5. When editing Activity Converter entries, you can add additional activities or delete existing ones. To remove a specific activity, click on the Activities button, swipe left on that activity, and then click Delete.

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