Make a Step or Wellness Entry (iOS)

Make a Step or Wellness Entry on iPhone

Step entries are the main unit of data in Walker Tracker. They connect to a specific date, and can contain a step number as well as a journal entry, a photo, or Activity Conversions.

You can enter steps manually if you do not have a device connected to your account. Otherwise, the step field will populate automatically and you will not be able to edit it. 

You can make a manual entry on the iPhone App by following steps based on your interface.

  1. From your dashboard, click on the teal “+Steps” icon.
  2. To select the date of the entry, click the date field and select the correct date from the calendar popup.
  3. To add a journal entry, click the text field below the date and enter information.
  4. To add a photo, click the empty photo icon and select either your camera or photo library.
  5. To add steps if you don’t have a device or app connected, click the Steps icon among the options. You can then enter a number and confirm it.
  6. To convert an activity, click on the Activities icon and select the activity type from among the options. Enter a number of minutes, or a number of miles for walking, as indicated.
  7. You can add other wellness metrics, such as mood and nutrition, by clicking each item and entering information. Not all of these metrics will be available, depending on the set up of your program.
  8. To save a photo, click the dotted circle icon. Select a photo from your library or access your camera to take a picture.
  9. Select Privacy settings by clicking on the red eye icon. You can set entries to Private, visible to Friends, or Public. Only steps, activities, photos, and journal entries will be visible to others; wellness metrics are always private. If you are in a challenge that assigns points for journal entries or photos, they must be public.
  10. Each metric is saved as you enter it, and you should now see it reflected in your activity log. An icon will show for each type of metric which you entered.

To Edit an Entry

You can click on any of the icons to reopen the entry field. Click on the metric you want to edit and you will open a field to re-enter the data.

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