Connect a Device or App for Syncing (Browser)

This article provides instructions for connecting a step tracking device or application to Walker Tracker from the Walker Tracker app through the web browser interface.
If you are using Google Fit as your step tracking application, please use these instructions for connecting Google Fit Google Fit Activation

If you are using an Apple Watch or your iPhone itself as your tracking device, you will be connecting the Apple Health app to Walker Tracker. Please use these instructions to setup Apple Health
Connect a Device or App for Syncing (iOS)

For all other step tracking devices or applications, please follow the instructions below.
  1. Register Your Device On Its Provider’s Site/App (If Applicable)
    Please make sure your privacy settings at the device’s website, allow others to view your steps. For Fitbit devices, this can be done through
  2. Navigate to your Walker Tracker Home Page
    Open your home page by logging in to your program at [program]
  3. Connect Your Device
    Click the Connect a Device icon in your profile to select your options. If you are connecting one of the activity tracking devices, click the blue Connect button. For Apple Health or Google Fit, follow the instructions in your app.

  4. Choose Source
    If you are connecting Fitbit, click on the Fitbit option. Otherwise, click the Connect Activity Tracker button to be redirected to a page where you will select your specific tracking device or application from the grid. Then login to the account for your step tracking device or app
  5. Allow information sharing when prompted- be sure to allow your tracking device or application account to share steps with Fitbit, Walker Tracker, or Validic. Validic is a software partner we use to help process data and can be safely granted all necessary permissions.
  6. Success - If your tracking device or app has been successfully paired with Walker Tracker, the following screen will be displayed

Make sure that you sync to your device’s app/website regularly, and that your Bluetooth connectivity is on. Once your steps are uploaded to your tracking device or application website they will arrive in your Walker Tracker account.

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