Message Members (Browser)

Your program may allow you to send an in-app message to fellow members. To do this follow the steps below:

NOTE: We do not support viewing direct member-to-member messages in our mobile app at this time.

1. Go to the Friends tab and either find an existing friend or search for the member/person you would like to send a message to.

2a. For an existing friend, click the drop-down and select "Mail".

2b. For someone who is not yet your friend, go to their page and click "Send Message".

3. This will take you to your message inbox where you can compose a message to the member. Click send when you're ready.

4. You will see that this was successfully sent in your outbox. 

5. If/when someone messages you, you will see a red number indicating that you have notifications when you log in online. Click to "View Message" and go to your inbox.

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