Google Fit Troubleshooting

NOTE: Google Fit can often take 24 hours or more to send steps to Walker Tracker after the initial connection.

Walker Tracker does not receive steps directly from your Google Fit app on your phone. Instead, those steps must have made it up to the Google servers before they are sent to us. Here are a sequence of steps that you can try, if Google Fit isn't sending steps to Walker Tracker. This sequence initiates a completely fresh connection and may correct the issue.

  1. Disconnect Google Fit from Walker Tracker. Instructions Here
  2. Uninstall Walker Tracker on your phone
  3. Uninstall Google Fit on your phone
  4. Reboot your phone
  5. Reinstall Google Fit and login to it
  6. Reinstall Walker Tracker and login to it
  7. Connect Google Fit to Walker Tracker 

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