Why Doesn't Walker Tracker use Phone Support?

At Walker Tracker, our goal is for our support to be personal, accessible, and timely. We use email support because it better aligns to those values than live chat or phone support.


Email support allows our support agents to give complete attention to each ticket they approach. They can fully familiarize themselves with the unique circumstances of each customer. They can research technical issues related to the ticket. They can draft a response that addresses your issue.

Live chat and phone support, on the other hand, require agents to hurry through each chat so that a customer isn’t kept waiting on the line while they research an issue. At times of increased activity, customers may also be forced to wait in a queue or, worse, on hold. We care more about thorough, personalized responses than the rushed immediacy of live communication.


Walker Tracker has members walking all around the world. We don’t think your time zone should change the level of support you receive. Email support allows us the same skilled team members to contribute their knowledge to each member’s issue, regardless of where they are.


While not immediate, email support still allows us to answer requests in a timely manner. During working hours, our agents see help requests as soon as they arrive and answer them as soon as they are able. Walker Tracker agents respond to the majority of tickets received during working hours within thirty minutes. While not quite as immediate as live chat or phone support, these responses will be more thorough, more personal, and still within a very reasonable timeframe.


The support members you're corresponding with are real people. We work directly for Walker Tracker, not for a support center. We speak to developers and decision makers directly. We sign our names to every communication we send, and stand behind those words.

Thank you for moving with us!

Walker Tracker is all about building a friendly environment in which members feel encouraged to be active. To do that, we use the support method that allows us to engage personally with our members. Thank you for using our email support system to bring your issues to our attention. We’re glad we can take the time to make your support excellent.

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