Maximum Steps and Activity Hours Per Day

Whether you record steps by syncing from a tracking device, manual entry, or by using the activity converter to derive steps from a timed activity, the maximum allowable number of steps that the Walker Tracker program will accept per day is 99,999.  Additionally, no more than 6 hours (360 minutes) of converted activities are allowed per day. If more than 360 minutes either for one activity or as a total over many activities in a particular day are entered, the following message will pop up upon attempting to save the entry:

The team at Walker Tracker applaud the hard work you put in training for those ultra-marathons or those epic 100 mile bike races, and hope you'll understand that our goal is to encourage participants across a wide spectrum of fitness levels to get moving. By capping the daily totals (which is still an amazing number of steps and hours!), we believe a more level playing field is created and the challenges are more fun for everyone.

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