Team Challenges - Understanding the Leaderboard

Team challenges are based on the team’s average during the active dates of a challenge. This average is calculated by adding together all steps that are reported by team members (during the active dates of a challenge) and dividing it by the number of members on that team.


Member 1 - 7,000 steps

Member 2 - 3,000 steps

Member 3 - 15,000 steps

Member 4 - 0 steps

25,000  total steps / 4 Members = 6,250 step average (what will show on the leaderboard in a challenge).

As illustrated, having a member on your team that is not contributing will bring your team’s average down. Check in with this person to see if they are having trouble syncing a device or how you can help. If they are unresponsive, connect with your program’s admin to see if they can help.

To verify your team’s average in the challenge, go to your team’s page and click on “Stats by User” and match the dates shown to the active dates of your challenge. Hovering over the bar shown next to a member will show you how many steps they have recorded within those dates. You can go through and add all the steps reported by all the members of your team together and divide it by the number of members on your team. This should give you the average that you see on the leaderboard.

*Your team's average is updated each time a member of the team makes/updates a step entry. 

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