Earn and Giveaway Points

About Points

In many ways, Walker Tracker is a game.

  • You compete with others via competitions
  • You compete with yourself via your own stats
  • You progress as a walker - you get in better shape, you build a routine, you become aware of your activity.

We've designed the points system to be game-like.

Q: What's its purpose?

Our points system is used to give you a sense of progression on the site. Its effect is the opposite of a really high step entry: it rewards commitment and endurance, leadership, involvement and stick-to-itiveness . And our Giveaway points help you recognize others - a way to say, hey! Nice job there. Or, thanks for the tip, for helping me out, for being you.

There are a few things you should know:

  • You can earn points
  • You can give away points
  • With a certain amount of points you can gain a level
  • A level is a symbol of progress and status.

Points-based Competitions

All points count toward points-based competitions except 1) Points received for winning in a featured competition and 2) Points received for going PRO.

Giveaway Points

Along with the points you earn, you also have Giveaway Points which you can give away! These points are completely separate from your own points. When you give out Giveaway Points, you are not giving away your actual points, but points you've been awarded just to grant others.

What you need to know:

  • You receive 1 point for every Giveaway Point you give away
  • Giveaway Points are capped at 75 points - you will not be able to earn more until you give some away.
  • Give these points to other walkers by clicking on the Give Points or Give Points buttons on their profile pictures.

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