Connecting Argus to Walker Tracker

This article contains both video and written instructions for connecting your Argus account to Walker Tracker.

This video will show you how to sync Argus to Walker Tracker using your mobile phone. You can download Argus for Android or IOS.

The instructions below can be used to connect your Argus account from your Walker Tracker program website.

  1. Connect A Device
    In your main dashboard below your profile picture, click Connect a device.
  2. Choose Your Device
    Since you are connecting Argus, click Connect in the Wireless Devices box.
  3. Connect Activity Tracker
    Click the Connect Activity Tracker button
  4. Choose Source
    Click the Choose Source button to go onto the next step.
  5. Choose Argus As Your Source
  6. Sign In Using Your Argus Account Info
    Sign in using your Argus account info so that Walker Tracker can have access to your Argus step data.
  7. Click Allow
    Allow Human API to access your data by clicking the green allow button.
  8. You're Connected!
    You will get a message mentioning that your device is connected.

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