How To Join A Challenge (Browser)

Here are instructions on how to join a challenge using your desktop. There are two different ways to join a challenge. That depends on whether you are invited to a challenge, or if you are joining a public challenge. 

Here are directions on accepting an invitation to a challenge:

  1. Go To Your Inbox
    In the upper right corner of your screen, you will see a red notification in your inbox. Click the envelope to view your invitation.
  2. Accept Your Invitation
    Click the Accept button to the challenge you were invited to.
  3. Done!
    You are now in the challenge. Check the leaderboard regularly to see where you rank in the challenge as you get those steps in!

Here is how you join a public challenge:

  1. Go To The Challenge Tab
    Go to the Challenges tab in your navigation bar.

  2. Join
    Click the Join! button in green. You are all set now!

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