How to Create an Account with Walker Tracker

Creating an account with Walker Tracker can be accomplished in a few simple steps, and the following video will demonstrate the process.

 IMPORTANT: If you're registering as part of a company or other organization sponsored program, please be sure that you register from that program's unique website rather than

  1. Go To Your Program URL
    To start off, go to your program URL. Once you get to that page click, “Register Now”.
  2. Create Username
    Create a username between 5 and 25 characters, and a password.
  3. Enter Email
    Use an email address that has never been registered with Walker Tracker previously.
  4. Answer Questions
    There may be additional questions for you to answer, depending on your program.
  5. Enter Captcha
    Enter the correct word to help us fight spam.
  6. Registration, Done!
    Click Register, and your account is officially set up! You can also register using your mobile phone, as long as you have the app downloaded.

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