Change your Daily Step Goals or Stride Length (Browser)

Change your Step Goals or Stride Length

When you join Walker Tracker, the system will assign you a default step goal and stride length based on your program's settings. 

Your step goal is the number of steps you aim to reach each day. If you meet this goal, the system will show a green check next to that date. Whether you do or don't meet your goal, steps will still count towards your account and any challenges you are in.

Stride length determines how your steps convert to distance, and defaults to 2,000 steps per mile or 3,218 steps per kilometer. Individuals usually vary from this average, and so you can set your personal stride length for a more accurate impression of distance based on your step count.

Note: In some programs, step goals are set by the administrator and cannot be changed by members.

To change your Step Goal or Stride Length:

  1. From your home page, click on your username in the top right to open your Settings page.

  2. From the Settings page, select the Step Settings tab.

  3. Use these fields to change your step goal or stride length, as well as selecting between metric or imperial units.
  4. Click Save Settings when done.

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