ADMIN - Giving merit: Finding metrics to award your walkers

Who walked the most steps is not always the best way to award your walkers. In fact, it's often a way that might discourage those who deserve being awarded the most such as those who made tremendous strides during the course of the program or who picked up a life-changing habit of a higher level of physical activity. Your top steppers probably had very high physical activity levels before your program started.

In light of that, here are a few other metrics with which to give merit where merit is due:

Walker Tracker Points: In your administrative panel under 'statistics' you'll find 'Point stats'. Walker Tracker points take into consideration a number of factors -- diligence, how often you're hitting your step goal, if you've received points from others, if you've participated in forming a healthy program. It ignores step totals -- and so it might be an excellent metric for pulling out who gave the program their all.

Consistency Award:  For team competitions -- look for teams whose averages are consistent across all walkers. This would award the team whose individual averages were closest to each other – i.e. the smallest % difference between the high and low average on the team. 

Just in Time Award:   Award the team and/or individual that is closest to the 10,000 step daily average.   You could do this along the way at selected milestones (e.g. 1/3 the way, ½ way, etc).   People closest to the 10K average will arrive at the destination just in time.

Carrying the Water Award:  This would go to the individual with the greatest contribution to her/his team results.  (the % of the team total that is due to that individual). 


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