Convert an Activity or Edit Activities (Browser)

NOTE: Your program may not allow for activity conversion. Please contact your program coordinators to confirm that it is an option.

Add a New Entry

  1. Add an Entry
    Log into your account through a web browser.  Click the ‘Add an Entry’ button.

  2. Select a Date
    The system will default to today's date. To choose an earlier date, click on the date field. This will open a calendar. Click to choose the date to which you want to add an activity.

  3. Enter an Activity
    Click on "Convert an activity", then choose an activity from the drop-down list of your program's available activities. Add how many minutes you engaged in the activity. Click Calculate to determine the number of steps.

  4. Record Activity
    Click the blue "Record Activity" button to save the entry.
  5. Add/Update Entry
    To finalize your steps for the day, click the "Add Entry" button.  If you are editing an existing entry, you will instead see “Update Entry”. 

Edit an Existing Conversion

  1. For the date with the conversion you are looking to edit, select the Edit button for that date.

  2. Click the Convert an Activity button

  3. To delete an activity entry, click the X next to that activity. You can then enter a new activity to replace it. Each date can only hold one activity of a given type. To add additional entries of the same activity type you will need to delete the original activity entry and add a new entry of that type.

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