Convert An Activity to Steps (Web Browser)

NOTE: Your program parameters may not allow for activity conversion. Please contact your program coordinators if you are unsure.

  1. Add an Entry
    Log into your account via a desktop web-browser.  Click the green ‘Add An Entry’ button.
  2. Convert Activity
    If you want to add an activity to a date other than the current one, you can click on the date. This will open a calendar. Click to choose the date you want to add an activity to.
  3. Calculate Steps
    Next, click on "Convert an activity", then click "Select" to choose from the drop-down list of your program's available activities. Add how many minutes you engaged in the activity (if you don't know precisely how many minutes you did the activity, try your best).  We convert activities in minutes only. 
  4. Record Activity
    Click the blue "Record Activity" button.  You can record multiple activities for one day.
  5. Add/Update Entry
    To finalize your steps for the day, click the green "Add/Update Entry" button.  If an entry exists for the day you will see “Update Entry”.
  6. Chart View
    You'll see the activity recorded in green on your web-browser based app and in lighter green on the Walker Tracker app, like the examples below (note: both screenshots are the exact same steps reflected stylistically differently):

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