Make a Manual Step Entry and Edit Step Entries (Web Browser)

Manual step entry is only available if your program coordinator allows manual entry and you don’t have a device or application paired with your account. 

To start, navigate to your landing page.

  1. Click Add An Entry
    You will find this button in your stats page.
  2. Change The Date
    Click on the calendar icon to make sure you are entering your steps for the correct date.
  3. Enter Steps
    Enter in the amount of steps you accumulated for that day.
  4. Click Add Entry
    Click add entry to finish and save the amount of steps you’ve taken. You can continue to fill out more information to your daily activities.
  5. Make A Journal Entry
    Make an optional journal entry to share about your day.
  6. Upload A Picture
    Upload an optional picture to add with your entry.
  7. Convert An Activity
    If you have an activity you want to convert, click here.
  8. Adjust Privacy Settings
    You can choose who can view your journal entry and picture. Stats/steps are always public.

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