Post Your Steps Via Text Message

Your phone's built in text messaging functionality can be used to manually post your steps to your Walker Tracker account if you aren't already using a paired device  and your program allows for manual entry.  To turn on the text messaging feature, login to your account on your program website and then click on your username in the upper right hand corner of the screen to access your profile settings.  Click on the Text Messaging tab. Once there, you will enter your mobile phone number and click the Send me a text! button.

After entering your mobile number and pressing the send text button, the following message will appear

Enter the code texted to you on your mobile phone and click Activate! If the activation is a success, this message will display

You can also choose to setup text reminders under the Reminders tab in preferences as well.

Once you've paired your phone to Walker Tracker, text can be sent with the below formatting to our special number.

TEXT us at: 1-925-3 WALKER (1-925-392-5537)


Here's what you can do with Walker Tracker's text messaging robot

  • [####] - send just a number, and it will record as your steps for the current day
    eg: 8382
  • [####] [date] - send a number and a date, and it will record your steps for that date
    eg: 4838 Oct7 (See how to format your date)
  • [####] [date] [blog entry] - send a number, a date and a blog entry and it will record your steps/blog for that date
    eg: 4838 Oct7 I'm currently hiking up the side of a mountain!
    See date formats. Important note: When sending blog entries, Walker Tracker will append the text to your existing blog entry. You cannot delete text through the text messaging interface.
  • my [second-command]
    • stats - view your stats
      eg: my stats
    • friends - view the last step entry from 4 friends who have entered most recently
      eg: my friends
  • view [second-command]
    • [username] - view a portion of the last post from [username].
      eg: view Athena (This person must be one of your friends)
    • stats [username] - view stats for [username].
      eg: view stats Athena (This person must be one of your friends)

How to format your date

must not contain any spaces. Here are a few examples of acceptable dates:

    • today
    • yesterday
    • Oct7
    • October07
    • 2009-10-07
    • 20091007


    Athena has a nice phone
    @ Athena compares her stats to @ Odysseus and then posts an update for October 9th.

    Athena likes her friends
    @ Athena sees how her friends are doing, and then checks up on @ Icarus's latest post.

    International options

    If you don't live in the U.S. or Canada* - text messaging may still work. Please check with your mobile network carrier to see if the U.S. is included in your text messaging bundle or if the rates are acceptable to you.

    * most Canadian network carriers send to the U.S. at the same rate as in-country. However, please double-check with your carrier.

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