Create a Team

  1. Create A Team
    Click Create A Team within the Teams tab. 
  2. Adjust Team Settings
    If you want control over who can join your team, make sure that it is set to Public and Invite Only. This way the team is searchable but you still are able to control who joins.

    (Availability of this option varies depending on your administrator’s preference)

  3. Invite Members
    Click on Invite Members (the team creator or team leader is the only one who can do this).

  4. Invite Other Walkers
    Scroll down and find “Invite Other Walkers”. Search for them by username (people already registered), email (people who are not registered) or link. Make sure to click Invite Selected Users.

  5. Invited Members
    At the top of the screen you will see that your members have been invited. Members will receive a notice of being added when they log into their Walker Tracker account and also in their email.

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