Team sizes and competitions - the effect of members leaving/joining

Team steps/activities are tallied in two ways. 

  1. Each time a member adds steps
  2. On a rolling 2-day basis all team scores re-calculate (this helps pick up zero-entries and to keep the scores accurate)

For this reason, if someone leaves your team mid-way through a competition (note: You should check first to see if you can give that person a hand/ some encouragement. It's more important to have people participating than to win!), they take only that day's steps with them (away from your team) and will no longer be counted as a team member from that day forward. 

Additionally, if someone is added to your team, they will bring over that current day steps with them and from that point forward be counted as a team member.

The number of people on your team is crucial to calculating your team's average. If a person exits your team, they will count as a team member from the time they joined the team until the day before they exited.

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