Why are my steps in the challenge different than in my stats?

Our competitions tally steps a number of ways (by total, average, or aggregate average), and are either between individuals or teams. In addition, we run steps-only, steps+activities, and activity-only challenges. When looking at your competition, make sure you're comparing how that competition tallies with the equivalent in your stats.

Team Competitions:

Teams count all steps by every member of the team for each day. If a member doesn't enter any steps, that day is counted as a zero (they can always go back and fill that day in, in order for that day to re-tally). 

In team competitions where we tally an aggregate average, this means we tally:

  • The average of all your team members steps for a single day (including zeros)
  • Plus each average of previous days.

In addition, your team totals that show on your team page may be different than your team's steps in the competition. This is because team totals on your team page show the number of steps that have been accumulated since the date your team was created. Your team's steps in the competition will only reflect the steps accumulated by your team during the dates of the competition. 

Individuals Competitions:

Tally by total steps (or total steps + activities) per day, or by average (non-map).

Note: We wait 48 hours after a competition 'finishes' before the final tally, in order to allow everyone to finish entering/syncing their steps. 

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