How Are My Teams Steps Calculated? How Are Competition Steps Calculated?

Competitions and Teams track steps differently. Take a look below to learn more:


  • Competitions are only active for a specific period of time (start-finish)
  • Keep in mind that competitions can be very specific. Check to see what counts towards the competition, EX: steps only, steps+activities or activities only.
  • If your competition starts on October 1st - none of your step entries before that count in the competition: this is true for both individuals and teams. 
  • Competitions track ALL days that the competition is active. 


  • Teams track steps from the moment the team is created until the team is dissolved (whether or not your team is active in a competition)
  • Teams will not record data that happens before your official registration date.
  • In your team, all steps and activities count. They will be shown separately in the sidebar on the right of your team's page.
  • If your team has existed since September 1st then steps for your team have been collected from that date through the present. However, if the competition did not start until October 1st only the steps your team accumulates from October 1st will count towards the competition. So be careful, the steps showing on your team page may not match the steps showing in the competition.
  • If you joined a team mid-way into a competition, only your entries from that day forward will count. No past data will be brought into your team.
  • Many team competitions are aggregate averages. That means if your team averages 8,000 steps a day over four days, the competition will show that as 32,000 steps
  • Teams stats on the team page show averages of entered days.
  • Teams never lose steps, the only exception to this is when someone leaves a team, they take that day's steps with them 
  • Your team's average does take into account those members that are on your team that have not entered in steps. Try to connect with those people to get them involved or see if they are having troubles recording. This means that we take the steps that are entered by all members of your team and divide it by the amount of people on your team. If you have several people who have no steps, this will affect your team's average. 

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