Get to know your Challenge

We’re a big fan of competitions here at Walker Tracker. They help you visualize your progress over a period of time. You can compete as a team or as an individual while poking friendly jibes at each other. Alternately, you can have your own private party, where you (or just you and your friends) are the star of the competition.

Our maps use a multiplier (example: each step you take is 17 steps on the map) for longer/larger distances that need to be completed in a short amount of time. 

We have a wide variety of maps (ADMINS: Ask about our Featured Challenges) that can have themes, storylines, or simply walking from one city to the next. If you are one of our PRO's in our community site you will be able to choose from maps we have uploaded already with pins.

To go to your map-based competition:

  1. Click the "Competitions" tab in the navigation.
  2. Click the map-based competition you would like to view.

Here's an example of our map "Unusual USA"


You can see that it's an active competition because there are competitors traveling along the trail. You will not be able to see other people unless you are active in the competition yourself.

As you walk along, milestones are revealed to you, adding a sense of discovery to your journey. The information for the milestones is also emailed to you and your competitors to let you know that you've passed one.


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