How do I add someone to a competition that's already started?

Question: "I am trying to add someone to a competition that has already started... is this possible? I hope so!! Thanks!" 


For most competitions, the 'Join' button goes away when the competition starts.

If they have been explicitly invited, they will still have the opportunity to join for up to 2/3rds of the length of the competition.
We cut it off after that to be fair to the other participants.

However you can still add walkers.

There are two ways:

To add them directly (no invite or response from them required) go to the administration panel and click on: Group Activities > Competitions - click on the competition you want.
Then click on 'Manage users'. You can add walkers from there.


  1. To invite them (if you are the owner of the competition) go to: the competition
  2. Click the blue Actions box to the right of the competition heading
  3. Then select "Invite more Competitors"


ADMINS: Incidentally, in your administration panel there's also a "INVITE ALL
OF YOUR MEMBERS" option under each competition. Clicking this will
give you the option of inviting every single person in your program.

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