Connect A Device (IOS)

  1. Register Your Device On Its Provider’s Site/App (If Applicable)
    Please make sure your privacy settings at the device’s website, allow others to view your steps.
  2. Click The Menu
    Click the menu at the top left corner of the screen. Click Manage Devices, which is at the very bottom of the list.
  3. Connect Your Device
    Click, “Connect your Fitbit” button if you have a Fitbit. Click the second, “Connect” button if you have one of the other devices listed.
  4. Choose Source
    You will be directed to a new page to choose which wireless device you have. Click “Choose Source” and then after choose the logo of your wireless device provider. Once you choose your wireless device provider sign into your account.
  5. Sync Regularly
    Success! Make sure that you sync to your device’s app/website regularly, and that your bluetooth is on. Once your steps are uploaded they will arrive in your Walker Tracker account. Enjoy!

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