Why Can't I Manually Enter My Steps with a Device/App Connected to Walker Tracker?

Walker Tracker does not support connecting more than one step tracking method at one time to your Walker Tracker account; so if you have a device/app connected and try to enter steps manually you will not be able to, as manual entry is a tracking method. We restrict our participants to one tracking method because it would be very difficult to prevent "double counting" of your steps, meaning an overage of steps.  

If your program allows for manual step entry, and you would prefer to enter your steps manually, you'll need to disconnect your device/app from Walker Tracker before you are able to enter your steps manually using your web browser based account or our app.  

If you're experiencing a syncing error that's preventing your steps from syncing from your connected device/app to Walker Tracker, please see the article that addresses syncing errors by clicking here.  

If you have other questions about a syncing issue, please also feel free to write to our Support Team at support@walkertracker.com.  


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