My Walker Tracker App Stopped Syncing to My Walker Tracker Account

Do you have a Walker Tracker supported app connected to Walker Tracker, like Google Fit or Apple Health, that was syncing to Walker Tracker but then stopped syncing suddenly?  You can troubleshoot the issue by checking:

  • Have you opened your Walker Tracker app recently?  (some apps like Apple Health require that you open Walker Tracker's app to sync your steps to Walker Tracker)
  • Have you checked for updates to the Walker Tracker app and your pedometer app?  
  • Have you checked that your phone/tablet's operating system is up to date?

If everything is up to date and you've checked your Walker Tracker app, and your steps aren't importing:

  • Try logging out of the Walker Tracker app and logging back in.
  • Try shutting down the Walker Tracker app and the pedometer app and restarting them.  See if your steps sync.  
  • Try restarting your phone/tablet.  Restart your pedometer application and your Walker Tracker app. See if your steps sync.  
  • As a last resort, uninstall the pedometer app and the Walker Tracker app.  Reinstall both.  See if your steps sync.  

If you've tried all these measures and your steps still aren't syncing, please feel free to contact us at for help.  


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